To all Dominaronians,

It's been a pleasure to be with you within 5 months(plus 6 months+ from version 1), Thank you for the unforgettable memories that you gave and of course for joining my events, giving me intense PVP/WOE and I really appreciate everything that you've been part of our server. It makes me happy when my players are enjoying the game, you know me and also just for you to know guys I am really into this server to make it more great and expand it but seems like most of the players now doesn't appreciate the server setup (Farm/Quest) and starting to quit. I can't make such actions just to give away items just for some players to play. It is very unfair to our real players. I even tried to wipe the entire server so it's going to be fair for all(back to zero) but still didn't work. It's very hard for me to accept what's reality now that players nowadays are looking for free all items, you know I can't do that and it's very sad to imagine that DominaRO is going to an end now.

It was a very great experience to have you guys since from Version 1. Until next time again, I am going to take my time to think of a new setup that could change the perspective of players to Ragnarok Online.

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Thank You!.

— Aministrator